The Concept

At Calpe I.T., the training process is conceived as an information stream in a pleasant ambient, but this being not a reason to be out of seriousness and meticulousness.

In this ambient, the exposure of ideas and the expression of questions by the participants complete the training process.

Our training courses system is very organised, and thought to be possible to take them in the most favourable circumstances for the trainees involved in them and their companies.

Our courses are mainly focused on technical subjects, adapted to college graduates, and contents have been edited by the most prestigious university professors in collaboration with companies and professionals of the involved area. Contents are highly practical without losing the required rigour.

The Place

Setting a course out of the usual workplace of the attendees have proved to be better for the training process, as this helps to immerse in the studied subject, in company of colleagues who share the same interest, responsibilities and similar training needs.

Forming new bonds transcending the actual course is enriching in terms of opportunities of future information transfers and mutual support. Experience is beneficial for the attendee to the course, but also for the company is part of, which will have a better trained and motivated staff.

The Flexibility

There are times when, due to corporate operational or philosophy of the company, is more convenient to carry on the courses at its premises. Both the teachers and our organising personnel go to wherever your company is located.

In this case, the courses are completely adapted to your needs, in terms of: 

Small groups

All of our courses can be adapted to small groups, for 10 attendees or less, in order to achieve the most precise customisation.

Adapted to your needs

Our courses can be adapted to the unique features of your company, as we redesign them to complement your daily professional practice.

Specialised manuals

The course documentation may be jointly designed to reflect your own corporate philosophy to your personnel in training.

Corporate cooperation

You do not have to give up on training if you do not get a minimum number of attendees in your own company. As there might be other companies in your area with similar training needs, Calpe I.T. is a bridge between companies, managing joint courses with attendees for several companies in our Corporate Cooperation courses.

Other alternatives

If you need a different training variant for your company or for yourself, as blended courses, extended courses, etc., please do not hesitate to tell us about it and we will offer you a course adapted to your training needs.

Offered courses

These are some of the courses at your disposal. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need a course about a different technical subject.

  • Introduction to chemical processes simulation
  • Chemical processes simulation with ASPEN PLUS
  • Instrumentation of industrial processes
  • HAZOP techniques for the Petrochemical Industry
  • Design of Pressure Vessels according to ASME VIII-I
  • Mechanical stress design of pipes
  • Tanks design according to API
  • Calculation of Metal Structures according to Eurocodes
  • Reinforced Concrete Structures
  • Seismic Calculation of Structures
  • Finite Element Method
  • Boundary Element Method
  • Optimisation Methods
  • Designing with Composites
  • Industrial Noise Control
  • Environmental Noise Control
  • Building Acoustics and Insulation
  • Predictive Maintenance using Vibration Analysis

Contact us

Please do not hesitate in contacting us about any inquiry or to tell us about your case. Call to any of our headquarters or send us a message though our contact form.