Francisco Javier GonzálezCadiz University 
José María GutiérrezCadiz University

The most recent computational and numerical analysis techniques offer new methods to solve heat transfer problems. These methods (Finite Difference Method and Finite Elements Method) allow to systematically solve problems that, following an analytical procedure, would be too complex or not feasible. These methods are key in computer aided engineering.

Manuel Rejano de la RosaIndustrial Engineer

This manual offers not only basic concepts on sound phenomena, covered on the first chapters, but a deep understanding on a series of practical concepts.

A. Corz - F. Pérez - A. González

This work shows a general vision of the different structural concepts, starting with the easier to understand articulated bars structures, and following with reticulated bars structures, which are manually calculated to ease the understanding of the actual functioning of the structure.

Juan Díaz NavarroIndustrial Engineer

Maintenance tasks are an important economic chapter in any company that manufactures goods or uses some sort of static or dynamic equipment. Thus, knowing the most spread techniques is a matter of importance. Frequently, these techniques are been subject of study in some Engineering degrees, but in a disperse manner along the different subjects, making it difficult to relate between them when the engineer gets in the field for the first time.