Industrial Projects

One of the main business areas of Calpe Institute of Technology is the petrochemical industry, with 15 years of experience as a company, and more than 40 years of experience from some of our senior members.

We carry on projects of basic design, detail engineering, Hazop, permitting, project management and start-up. We also perform updates of process units. But our most remarkable experience is the area of fibre intermediate products plants as TA (terephtalic acid), PTA (purified terephtalic acid), IPA (isophtalic acid), PIPA (purified isophtalic acid), with solids management.

Calpe Institute of Technology has a vast experience in calculation and design of static equipment as , tiene una dilatada experiencia en el cálculo y diseño de equipos estáticos como pressure vessels, pipes and tanks, all of them developed and implemented as required by our clients, being this the best prove of confidence they have on us.

We are leaders in petrochemical instrumentation projects, including the development of logical control diagrams and the field implementation of the required equipment.

Other of our operation fields are the singular structures in engineering, acting both as designer and consultants.