Welcome to Calpe Institute of Technology, R+D+I centre on Engineering

Calpe Institute of Technology (CIT) is an engineering excellence centre, where our clients may find answers to their needs from innovation, to research, going through all the different stages of the development process to provide their companies with the competitive advantages currently demanded by a highly technically globalised world. In all cases, we put at our clients disposal the most recent advances on computational methods. Our clear vocation on excellence is based on flexibility, the continuous improvement and the efficiency in client relationships.


Calpe was born as an Spin-off project created by the Malaga University and awarded by this institution in 1.999, initially growing thanks to the support of his Research Results Transference Office (OTRI).

The first headquarters of Calpe were established at the Parque Tecnológico de Andalucía, and currently holds our Acoustics Measurements Laboratory. Our main headquarter, including the Engineering and Management teams, are located at our new building at Algeciras.


Our first goal was creating of a link between researchers and private companies engineers, to improve the quality of their developments. A matter of consideration is the accelerated motion of science and technology development has caused the knowledge of engineers acquired during their college degrees turn to be obsolete in almost no time. Continuous formation for engineers on specific topics of their interest is evidently a must nowadays. This goal is currently maintained, being our Training Area courses and seminars its main expression.

Our second goal was to offer a direct technical support through consulting services to demanding companies. Through more than 15 years of existence, some lines of products and services have been established, with a special effort on petrochemical and energy industries, having always in mind the technological collaboration with our clients, and allowing us to a continuous and sustainable growth through innovation and creativity. Our Industrial Projects area and the Acoustics and Vibration Laboratory are the main results of these efforts.

Calpe Institute of Technology resources are organised according to this structured:

  • Engineering Team

This division is responsible for performing engineering works at que required quality standards and with the operative support of experts on Process, Mechanical, Piping, Electricity, Instrumentation and Structures Engineering. Management, supervision and implementation tasks are also carried on during construction, pre-commissioning, commissioning, and start-up stages of the installs made by the company.

  • Acoustics and Vibration Laboratory

Our laboratory, ENAC accredited on multiple types of noise measurements, has the capacity of developing any sized noise maps. A direct link with our engineering team is maintained through the services of predictive maintenance of equipment  using vibration analysis and industrial acoustics projects.

  • Training and Technical Publications

CIT training area organises courses, seminars and conferences on our activity fields, and also publishes technical reference manuals of great relevance for engineers of different specialisations.

  • Management and Supplies

This team is responsible for editing quotations, tabulate them and making the acquisitions for the different projects, and also for activating and inspecting the orders and managing the logistics and transports.


Calpe Institute aims to be a place to catalyse other humanistic activities the technical world is in sore need. The Institute tries to fulfil this mission at an influence area covering not only Spain, but globally thanks to the new communication systems.