The Acoustics and Vibrations Measurements Laboratory of Calpe Institute offers a wide range of services on industrial acoustics. Our laboratory has cooperated with major industrial companies for many years by offering them our consulting services and by reducing their noise impact on the environment while balancing the costs of these tasks. Also, our experience on noise maps generation, using simulations, measurements or combining both methods, and the performance of technical inspections on noise immission and emission, complete our supporting services for sustainable industries.

Our laboratory develops noise maps of any sized industrial sites, including all its related infrastructures. these maps are useful for analysis, planning and monitoring plants. Moreover, our cartography and sound propagation simulation models allows you to analyse the effects of any given variation at the studied area (as the addition or modification of noise sources, the installing of sound barriers or even changes in the topography), previously to the implementation. This way, the effectiveness of these changes can be analysed during the planning stage and the results can be optimised, notably reducing the costs and the time required to build them.

Our laboratory maps sites by measuring noise levels in a dense grid of points, by simulating noise sources and sound propagation, or by combining both strategies, by generating dynamic simulated maps based on a previous measurement based mapping.

By using this method, a map of the actual, precise noise situation of the site is obtained, and dynamic simulations may be carried on so the effects fo changes and effectiveness of corrective measures can be verified, prior to the implementation.

Sello ENAC Laboratorio Ensayos CalpeOur Acoustics Field Measurements Accredited Laboratory carries on all types of measurements on noise emission and immision at industrial sites, both indoor or outdoor buildings, according to Annex IV of Real Decreto 1367/2007, the Noise Act, and any regional or local regulation.

The changes or expanses of industrial sites require the making of noise reports during the project phase, in order to detect in an early stage all the possible conflicts may arise once they are implemented.

These preventive noise reports allow not only to detect these possible conflicts, but also to analyse the effectiveness of different preventive measures, even during the project phase. This allows conflict avoiding and costs reducing, as implementing preventive measures is always easier than corrective ones.

Calpe Institute may help your company to design an integral system of noise reduction by properly combining all the different available soundproofing, sound reducing and reflecting elements, and by helping you to chose the best equipment in the event of a new installation. All these measures are completed with an audiometrical monitoring of each worker by testing and measuring with personal dosimetry.

Determining the current state of equipment parts is possible by measuring vibrations, while the machinery is working. These methods significantly reduce maintenance stopping times to a minimum, and detect possible malfunctioning before it happens and causes serious damage to the equipment.

As a complement to our predictive equipment maintenance service, our laboratory designs and installs automatised systems for monitoring equipment using these methods.

Multiple types of equipment damage can be instantly and automatically detected thanks to these systems, so actions can be undertaken before critical damage may surge.

Our service of vibrations measurements includes the measurement of vibrations in machinery and the transmission of vibrations to structures and workplaces.

Our laboratory offers a equipment balancing with real-time vibration analysis methods, which allows high precision adjustments, reducing the stress they are subject to and increasing the lifespan while reducing maintenance costs.