The Acoustics Field Measurements Accredited Laboratory of Calpe Institute offers a wide range of solutions on environmental acoustics. We have a vast experience generating noise maps using sound propagation modelling, measurement data, and combining both approaches, and also in performing technical inspections in noise emission and reception and technical consultation for public administrations on noise pollution control.

The Laboratory of Calpe Institute carries on a wide range of sound tests to asset and evaluate environmental noise, in example, emission and inmission tests, environmental noise levels, sound characterisation of large areas, and many more.

Sello ENAC Laboratorio Ensayos CalpeThe Laboratory is accredited to carry on noise tests according to Annex IV of Real Decreto 1367/2007, including measurement of inmissions into the surrounding environment, and of noise levels transmitted into rooms. All regional and local regulations depending of this decree are included in the accreditation.

As part of these activities on environmental acoustics, the Laboratory offers a technical support service to public administrations and private corporations, performing on demand acoustics measurements and certifications on any type of sectors: leisure, restaurants, industry...

We carry on noise maps of transportation infrastructures (roads, highways, railroads, airports and ports) of any magnitude, and noise maps of populated areas, supporting the General Urban Development Plans, etc.

Other noise maps we develop are those required by the the Noise Act 37/2003, for any sized towns, any sized transportation infrastructures, both useful for analysis, planning and monitoring.

Moreover, our cartography and sound propagation simulation models allows you to analyse the effects of any given variation at the studied area (as the addition or modification of noise sources, the installing of sound barriers or even changes in the topography), previously to the implementation. This way, the effectiveness of these changes can be analysed during the planning stage and the results can be optimised, notably reducing the costs and the time required to build them.

Calpe Institute designs monitoring systems, performs simulations based on state-of-the-art computational methods, and consults in local regulations on noise. Thanks to the Building Technical Code (CTE), this information is mandatory to design the insulation of dwellings and for managing general urban development plans.

Any sized noise maps, based on measurements, simulation or combined, analysing the effect of new noise sources in the future environment of the area, or any other change in the present situation. These are some of the consulting projects on environmental acoustics we may carry on:

  • Environmental acoustics consulting in any noise related situation you may have.
  • Acoustic reports on mass transportation and transportation infrastructures.
  • Technical consulting agreements with town halls and public organisations, offering our services and personnel as a technical on noise related matters.
  • Simulation and optimisation of noise barriers.

Calpe Institute may help your company to design an integral system of noise reduction by properly combining all the different available soundproofing, sound reducing and reflecting elements, and by helping you to chose the best equipment in the event of a new installation. All these measures are completed with an audiometrical monitoring of each worker by testing and measuring with personal dosimetry.