The Acoustics Measurements Laboratory of Calpe Institute offers a wide range of supporting solutions for commercial activities. Noise is a common source of lawsuits, administrative files and neighbour complaints, all of them being avoidable with a proper consultation.

On the other side of these situations, noise measurements may help you to determine if an activity operations are emitting noises surpassing the applicable limits, in order to open a lawsuit or an administrative file.

Our technical consultation service for town halls may serve as a help for their technicians, by analysing the documents delivered by the activities in order to asset if they fulfil all the requirements established in the noise regulations applicable.

The acoustic report is the fundamental tool activities have to avoid noise conflicts once they are running. During the design stage, the noise sources and the projected insulation to be installed are analysed, as the location of sensitive receivers in the surroundings and numerous additional factors, in order to asset if preventive measures are to be implemented.

This way, activities may have the certainty of no unpleasant surprises nor breaches of noise level regulation once they start operating.

The acoustic report may require field measurements and sound propagation simulation models, depending on the type of activity or the sensitiveness of the environment they will be located in, and it is a common requirement to obtain a the license to open and operate a new business.

Sello ENAC Laboratorio Ensayos CalpeOur accredited laboratory may carry on all types of measurements according to Annex IV of the Real Decreto 1367/2007 (or the regional regulations depending on it), in order to evaluate the fulfilment of requirements by the operations of activities.

Checking if the activities cause immisions into the environment, if they emit noise levels to close dwellings surpassing or fulfilling the requirements, if the insulation is enough for the operations... A large list of measurements are available, and our laboratory may help you to select the more suitable one  to your particular case.

If your business has musical or audiovisual equipment is very likely the install of a sound limiter-controller system is required by the applicable regulations to avoid noise emissions surpassing the limits.

Far from being a hindrance for the operation of activities, a properly installed sound limiter is a guarantee of serenity: the owner can rest assured the activity will never produce noise levels that surpass the limits into the environment or adjacent dwellings.

Noise levels surpassing the acoustical quality objetives are common in areas with a high density of activities, even if each and every activity by itself fulfil the regulations in terms of noise emissions. This is, the noise infringement is caused not by the activities but by the combined effect of all of them. There is not a activity to be declared "guilty" in these cases, but action plans to effectively reduce the noise pollution are required.

The laboratory of Calpe I.T. carries on the studies required to determine if an area fulfils the conditions to be declared as an ASZ, and guides you on the measures to implement in order to reduce the impact of noise.

Noise regulations are complex and very technical, as noise measuring is an equally complex process. The technicians working at town halls not always have the specialisation needed to carry on noise measurements according to the regulations, or are not able to detect serious errors in noise reports that may overturn the results obtained.

Our technical support services for town halls may help you to safely cover these matters, improving the acoustic environment of the town and avoiding costly lawsuits for inaction on noise and vibrations files and complaints.

  • Acoustic reports during the project stage to obtain licenses to open and operate activities.
  • Noise measurements for verifying the fulfilment of regulations.
  • Declaration of Acoustically Saturated Zones and Action Plans.
  • Agreements of technical support with town halls and public administrations, so they may have access to our expert consultants for support on noise and vibration matters.