Noise, which is any undesired sound, is one of the more ignored polluters. The reason behind this is, maybe, the only footprint left by noise is the damage in the health of the people suffering from it. However, the consequences of excessive noise exposure are very harmful.

The Accredited Acoustics Laboratory of Calpe I.T. puts its efforts on reducing the impact of noise, always trying to reconcile social activities with resting and the acoustic confort of dwellings.

Our laboratory is specialised in carrying on in situ tests, measurements in the field to know the actual acoustic insulation of walls once they are built in constructions, noise levels received inside dwellings, or noise emitting levels of activities outdoor their premises.

Acoustic reports are the result of the analysis and estimation of the noise impact a project will have once it is finished, and they allow to include preventive steps to avoid breaching the limits required by the applicable regulations once the activity starts its operations. Costs and efforts are minimised, and noise annoyances to close receivers and dwellings in the surroundings are avoided by using these methods.

Our Laboratory has the aim of easing friendly agreements in noise conflicts, and offers its services as an intermediary to consult and mediate between parts in noise pollution conflicts. There are cases in which the solution to a noise problem does not require a great refurbishing, and our consultants may guide you in the path to follow to fix a noise conflict, independently of its magnitude.

In those cases where a friendly agreement can not be reached, our consultants may assist you as legal experts. Our reports are solid and reliable, and they are hard to get questioned at court thanks to their validated technical quality by our ENAC accreditation.

Our Acoustics Laboratory will recommend you about the best approach to solve your noise problem considering the particular characteristics of your case. If noise measurements turn to be the best option, we will offer you the optimal test to be carried on and on budget.